Sciences of Europe

Current issue #83 (83) November 2021

  • Publication in the journal 11/30/2021
  • placement of the electronic version – December 7
  • distribution of printed copies – December 16

Next issue #84 (84) December 2021

  • Publication in the journal 12/16/2021
  • placement of the electronic version – December 22
  • distribution of printed copies – December 29
Cosmos Impact Factor - 3.637
SJIF Impact Factor - 5.157
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«Sciences of Europe» – is a scientific journal that promotes the development of strong intellectual base for different science researches. We raise our intellectual funds annually to increase the number of achievements in science.
Our main goal is a prosperity of sciences, assistance in the approbation and deployment of researches in authoritative sources.
In 2016 the World will see the first specialized journal “Sciences of Europe”. This periodical is intended for lecturers and students, specialists, master students and doctorates. The journal will be interesting for all enthusiastic people.
The journal is a complete publication of the most relevant trends and issues of the modern science. It’s pages contain information showing contemporary scientific views and notable achievements in the field of applied sciences. The publication is regularly reports about urgent problems and suggests ways it solve it.
The magazine is produced in company’s printing performance and also has a personal code. Copies diverge to libraries of different European countries.

Our principles include:
Our advantages:
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